Silicone MAGNETIC Earring Backs

“I Lost My Earring.”

But don’t blame yourself, or the earring…blame earring backs.

Generic earring backs are individual separate piecesmaking earrings and their backs INCREDIBLY easy to lose. In addition, they are:

  • Oddly shaped –  causing earrings to roll around surfaces…
  • Metal – causing earrings to slip off surfaces (AND cause discomfort & allergic reactions)…
  • And colorless – making earrings and their backs nearly impossible to spot if they fall on the floor.
The Solution: Oh Snap™
Keep Earrings Connected
How they work

Oh snaps are a full-on replacement to ALL earring backs.

Each oh snap cubic earring back has:

  • A hole for the earring
  • A magnet on the side that connects to their fellow cube.

They’re GREAT at balancing. They’ve got each others back, and together

they’ve got your earrings’ backs!

Silicone, Cubic, Magnetic…



Your ears will be on cloud 9 with the comfy hypoallergenic silicone.

And this silicone allows earring pairs to adhere to surfaces, so they won’t slip around.



Meet Bubblegum, Clementine, Ocean, Amethyst, and Chameleon!

These guys are fun to accessorize and mostly easy to spot.



Don’t have a jewelry holder? Scatter your earrings with their oh snaps on your desk, nightstand, in a drawer, near the sink…

Out & about and wanna take off our earrings? Store them away with their oh snaps in a pocket/gym bag/purse without worry.